Kymenlaakson Osakunta is a student nation for students in the Helsinki area. Our members come mostly from the province of Kymenlaakso in South-Eastern Finland. Another connective factor is the University of Helsinki, where many of our members study, but other universities and polytechnics are well represented among our members. Students from abroad and from other universities can also join us!

KyO offers versatile activities to its members – all of it organized by the members themselves. We have parties, excursions, cultural activities, sport and clubs. KyO has a magazine of its own, Kypsä, which is published four times a year. Every February the anniversary of our nation is celebrated with a festive ball. In late autumn it’s time to bring light to the darkness in the form of Rajanylitys, our second biggest party that has a different theme every year. In the summer we gather in Kymenlaakso province to maintain our connections to the home region.

For our members the student nation offers also housing in Patola and different kind of stipendium. Stipendium are announced every year in the anniversary ball. KyO has also many friendship organisations in Sweden, Estonia and Finland, so it’s possible to participate their festivities and happenings as KyO’s representative.

Over 85 years of student life at Kymenlaakson Osakunta

KyO was founded in 1933 as a spin-off from Wiipurilainen Osakunta and Hämäläis-Osakunta. During that time the province identity was growing stronger in Kymenlaakso and thus the students wanted a nation of their own. Since the 1970’s KyO has shared facilities with Wiipurilainen and Karjalainen Osakunta, co-operation is vivid also on other fronts. Our current home is located in the third student house of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, Domus Gaudium, built in 2009.

Friendship organizations in Sweden, Estonia and Turku

KyO has friendship organizations in both Sweden and Estonia. The ones in Sweden are Kalmar Nation in Uppsala and Hallands Nation in Lund. Our friend nations in Estonia are Korporatsioon Fraternitas Tartuensis and Korporatsioon Sororitas Estoniae in Tartu and Tallinn. At Turku our friendship organization is Savo-Karjalainen Osakunta. Members of our friendship organizations are invited to our anniversary ball in February and to Rajanylitys in October or November. If you’re a member of our friendship nation and would like to participate in an activity, please contact our international representative.

Contact information

Curator (fin. kuraattori)
The head of the nation. Contact curator in administrative purposes. 

Chairperson of the board (fin. hallituksen puheenjohtaja)
The second highest position in the Nation.

International representative (fin. ulkoasiainsihteeri) 
Keeping contact with our friend organisations abroad is his/her main task.

Secretary (fin. sihteeri)
Secretary takes care of posts. Send invitations to your events primarily to him/her.

Kymenlaakson Osakunta
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